Telecoms Traders has forged strategic alliances DHL, FEDEX, UPS, USPS and Global Freight Forwarders to ensure that we deliver to any place anywhere in the world via air, ocean, road or rail, but capable of giving our customers the priority attention they require.

Custom wooden crates, non-branded packaging, foam in place, ESD compliant packaging and palletising are some of the packaging that we offer to ensure a damage free delivery.

When you need critical spare parts delivered within an agreed timescale, Telecoms Traders Service Parts Logistics (TTSPL) solutions can meet your needs. Operating globally, our SPL team delivers our promise to our customers. Telecoms Traders designs and maintains systems that not only get our customers the parts they need quickly, but also help us to anticipate and prepare for that demand. We give you a complete perspective of your supply chain and an inventory of what you’ve got in stock and in motion. It’s all managed by an end-to-end model, integrating transportation, warehousing, and repair-cycle management.