Qualification of suppliers is a critical part of our overall quality system. Being a leading telecommunications equipment supplier, Telecoms Traders has established stringent supplier evaluation and acceptance standards.

These standards are communicated to all suppliers and potential suppliers prior to Telecoms Traders working with them. In addition, each supplier candidate goes through a verification process that checks to ensure we are only dealing with competent, solvent enterprises with verifiable capabilities and performance. We have established and use a comprehensive set of performance metrics to measure not only initial quality of suppliers but to measure ongoing performance.

The first step in Supplier Qualification is that each supplier must run through a basic qualification process

  • a central “manual” check of basic supplier account and master data is performed when a new supplier is added to the Corporate Master Database (CMD)
  • a background check is conducted on the supplier
  • an intensive review of the integrity and qualification of the business partner is completed

Following successful basic qualification, additional steps may be required, depending on perceived risks. In order to complete this process, suppliers may be asked to provide further information, e.g. on management system certificates or on Corporate Responsibility