Telecoms Traders is committed to meeting customer requirements by delivering an enriched product/service that is forever evolving through our continual improvement systems.

  • Always deliver to customer expectations
  • Never settle and continually strive to do better
  • Strict packaging guidelines


ISO 9001 Certification

Telecoms Traders holds ISO 9001 certification for its operations facilities. Telecoms Traders is among an elite class of networking equipment providers that have achieved this level of quality control. This prestigious recognition serves to validate Telecoms Traders has demonstrated ability to provide the highest quality levels of procurement and refurbishment services for the telecommunications industry worldwide.


ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

Telecoms Traders maintains ISO 14001 certification at its Surrey Operations facility. With our long history of refurbishing and reselling IT equipment, environmental responsibility is a fundamental principal at Telecoms Traders. Our commitment to the environment drives us to develop programs that encourage green IT practices by making them financially beneficial as well as environmentally friendly.