Telecoms Traders – Measures Regarding Covid-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

We appreciate the trust you have placed in Telecoms Traders as a provider of networking hardware. Just like you, we find ourselves dealing with an unprecedented situation. We would like to communicate that the health and welfare of our employees, customers, and partners are our top priority. We want to share with you measures we are taking to help keep everyone safe and connected during this challenging time.

We have implemented special operational practices in response to the developing situation that ensures that we maintain services to our customers. We have a robust business continuity plan in place and have begun to implement that plan as appropriate to maintain critical operations. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 virus closely and will adhere to all government guidance.

We understand that helping keep critical communications infrastructure remains fully functional in a global emergency helps keep everyone safe. As such, we remain committed to supporting all our customers.

We will be reviewing our business continuity plans on a daily basis and would assure you that we are taking all reasonable measures to ensure that this support continues whilst maintaining the health and safety of our staff.

As we navigate through this challenging time together, our commitment to you is that we will do whatever we can to support your organisation. Please contact us for any assistance.

Thank you

Telecoms Traders Ltd

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