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Telecoms Traders are your trusted<br />network equipment provider

Telecoms Traders are your trusted
network equipment provider

Asset Management
Telecoms Traders

Asset Management

Asset Management is one of our service propositions, designed to deliver maximum value and impact for our clients.

Telecoms Traders offers a complete turnkey solution to decommissioning your network telecoms equipment and reducing your network OPEX/CAPEX costs.

Stage 1. The Evaluation

The unprecedented growth of telecommunications networks is placing a weighty strain on telecoms operators looking to update their telecoms networks, but burdened by customers using their existing legacy systems. Telecom operators will often need to upgrade their existing legacy networks to a newer technology to improve both efficiency and increase capacity to cope with new customer demands. The enormous strain of asset-removal, transportation, processing, storage, or plans to redeploy, resale, or recycle, can be considerably time consuming. Network operators in many cases are not equipped to handle such tasks. Another problem is many carriers do not possess comprehensive data of assets already in service. This also presents a significant strain when decommissioning and tracking assets as they are removed in situ.

Telecoms Traders will conduct a comprehensive project assessment complete with de-install schedules, asset re-marketing plans, equipment valuation and salvage plan. This is essential so that we can work with our clients to develop an action plan that is suitable for all.

Stage 2. De-install & Decommissioning

Our de-installation teams are trained to work with our customers to conduct non-interfering processes to de-install their legacy equipment. We comply with professional industry standard practices in the decommissioning process to respect the used telecoms equipment from damage and maintain its value and integrity. Once the equipment is decommissioned we perform a comprehensive inventory assessment and update the data into our unique asset management database. This process allows real time tracking for both our customers and also for Telecoms Traders to maximise efficiency in the sales and reporting process.

Stage 3. Asset Re-marketing

Once we complete all of the above stages we begin the re marketing process. This is where Telecoms Traders has a very competitive edge. With our expertise in this field and our comprehensive portfolio of global telecom customers and resellers, we have the best sales penetration and shortest sales cycle of companies in this industry. This significantly reduces the exposure to obsolescence risk, which is paramount to our customers’ return on investment.

Stage 4. The Logistics

Once a sale is completed, the thorough process of fulfilment begins. Testing, warranty, shipping and logistics must all be addressed. Transacting sales in an international environment requires careful consideration of import/export issues, customs clearing, VAT tax and tariffs, secure packaging and shipping. Our teams are well qualified to handle all of these processes and ensure that the equipment reaches its destination in good order.

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Need more information?

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